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Nevada, Northeastern Nye County

Heat Advisory

Statement as of 2:04 PM PDT on July 26, 2016

Expires 8:00 PM EDT on July 29, 2016

... Heat advisory remains in effect until 5 PM PDT Friday...

* temperature... 98 to 104 degrees each afternoon through Friday.

* Impacts... temperatures in this range are unusual and
prolonged exposure without relief or frequent hydration
could lead to heat stroke.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. When
possible... reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or
evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat
stroke. Wear light weight and loose fitting clothing when
possible and drink plenty of water.

To reduce risk during outdoor work... the occupational safety and
health administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks
in shaded or air conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by
heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke
is an emergency - call 911.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 11:36 PM PDT on July 26, 2016

... High temperature reports...

Location temp lat/Lon

... White Pine County...
McGill coop 96 f 39.41n/114.77w
Ely Airport ASOS 96 f 39.30n/114.85w
Ely cemp 96 f 39.29n/114.84w
white r nr red mtn nr Presto 95 f 38.94n/115.34w
North Spring valley dri 95 f 39.46n/114.51w
Lund coop 95 f 38.87n/115.02w
Great Basin np crn 95 f 39.01n/114.21w
Moorman ranch coop 94 f 39.36n/115.33w
cattle Camp RAWS 94 f 38.90n/114.81w
Sacramento Summit ndot 94 f 39.16n/114.35w
Pancake Summit ndot 93 f 39.41n/115.70w
Great Basin np coop 93 f 39.01n/114.22w
Cedar Pass RAWS 93 f 39.75n/114.15w
Alligator Ridge RAWS 93 f 39.73n/115.52w
Ruth coop 91 f 39.28n/114.99w
Murray Summit ndot 90 f 39.22n/114.97w
Ely wp County High School aw 90 f 39.24n/114.88w
Baker Elementary School AWS 102 f 39.03n/114.18w
Snake Valley GOES 100 f 39.02n/114.09w

... Southwest Elko County...
LaMoille Summit ndot 99 f 40.80n/115.72w
Vivian siding upr 99 f 40.77n/115.90w
LaMoille Summit ndot 99 f 40.80n/115.72w
Elko Mountain view elementar 99 f 40.84n/115.79w
Elko Airport ASOS 98 f 40.83n/115.79w
Ryndon dw6485 cwop 98 f 40.96n/115.59w
Elko NWS office coop 97 f 40.83n/115.79w
Spring Creek w7gk cwop 97 f 40.73n/115.65w
Elko NWS office coop 97 f 40.86n/115.74w
5 E Carlin 97 f 40.72n/116.01w
Carlin Tunnel west ndot 97 f 40.72n/116.07w
Elko NWS office coop 97 f 40.83n/115.79w
1 NE Elko 96 f 40.86n/115.74w
Elko west ndot 96 f 40.81n/115.83w
Halleck Junction ndot 95 f 40.96n/115.48w
Halleck Junction ndot 95 f 40.96n/115.48w
River Ranch siding upr 95 f 41.01n/115.41w
2 S Spring Creek 95 f 40.70n/115.60w
Deeth ndot 94 f 41.07n/115.29w
hunter siding upr 94 f 40.80n/115.81w
2 ENE Deeth 93 f 41.09n/115.23w
LaMoille dw6622 cwop 93 f 40.70n/115.54w
Crane Springs RAWS 92 f 40.46n/115.85w
Coal Mine Canyon n7nnv cwop 92 f 41.04n/115.57w
Deeth siding upr 91 f 41.08n/115.25w
Jiggs coop 90 f 40.34n/115.62w
LaMoille coop 90 f 40.74n/115.49w
Osino siding upr 101 f 40.91n/115.69w
Alazon siding upr 100 f 41.13n/115.12w

... Southern Lander County and southern Eureka County...
Eureka Airport AWOS 99 f 39.60n/116.01w
Eureka Airport ASOS 99 f 39.60n/116.01w
Red Butte RAWS 98 f 39.98n/117.32w
Austin RAWS 96 f 39.50n/117.08w
Eureka agrimet 95 f 39.69n/115.98w
Combs Canyon RAWS 95 f 39.39n/116.18w
desatoya mountain RAWS 95 f 39.30n/117.58w
Eureka coop 94 f 39.52n/115.96w
Bean Flat Monitor Valley ndo 94 f 39.50n/116.51w
coils creek 93 f 39.77n/116.46w
Hickison Summit ndot 92 f 39.44n/116.74w
coils creek RAWS 92 f 39.83n/116.49w
Reese River Valley dri 90 f 39.23n/117.30w

... Southeastern Elko County...
Spring Gulch RAWS 98 f 40.60n/114.20w
Montello west siding upr 96 f 41.17n/114.27w
valley pass siding 1 upr 90 f 41.12n/114.41w
Ola siding upr 102 f 40.73n/114.09w
West Wendover High School aw 101 f 40.88n/114.16w
Pilot Peak Junction ndot 100 f 40.84n/114.21w

... South central Elko County...
Ruby siding upr 97 f 40.90n/114.90w
Ruby Lake NWR coop 96 f 40.20n/115.49w
Moor siding upr 95 f 41.15n/114.75w
Ruby Lake RAWS 94 f 40.17n/115.48w
Spruce Mountain RAWS 93 f 40.44n/114.81w
Wells/Moor grade ndot 92 f 41.10n/114.91w
Wells/Moor grade ndot 92 f 41.10n/114.91w
Warm Springs ndot 91 f 40.76n/115.04w
valley pass siding 2 upr 91 f 41.14n/114.44w
Ruby Valley ndot 90 f 40.73n/115.22w

... Northwestern Nye County...
Tonopah Airport ASOS 99 f 38.06n/117.09w
Gabbs coop 97 f 38.87n/117.92w
Tonopah Elementary School aw 96 f 38.06n/117.23w
Stone Cabin GOES 95 f 38.21n/116.63w
Tonopah coop 95 f 38.07n/117.23w
Round Mountain High School a 100 f 38.81n/117.15w

... Northern Lander County and northern Eureka County...
west Carlin siding upr 99 f 40.65n/116.16w
Battle Mountain ndot 98 f 40.61n/116.83w
Russells siding upr 97 f 40.74n/116.95w
Antelope Valley dri 90 f 40.09n/117.17w
Emigrant Pass ndot 90 f 40.65n/116.28w
Battle Mountain ndot 102 f 40.62n/116.91w
Mosel siding upr 102 f 40.67n/116.69w
Palisades 101 f 40.61n/116.20w
Beacon light RAWS 100 f 40.56n/116.76w
east Beowawe siding upr 100 f 40.57n/116.41w
west Beowawe siding upr 100 f 40.64n/116.50w

... Northern Elko County...
Charleston coop 97 f 41.68n/115.53w
Antelope Lake RAWS 96 f 41.68n/116.77w
hd Summit ndot 96 f 41.35n/114.81w
Mountain City ndot 96 f 41.82n/115.95w
Rock Spring creek RAWS 96 f 41.65n/114.43w
Montello east siding upr 93 f 41.28n/114.16w
Long Hollow RAWS 93 f 41.54n/116.22w
Jackpot coop 93 f 41.98n/114.66w
Mountain City rs hads 93 f 41.84n/115.97w
Bishop flat ndot 92 f 41.27n/114.83w
Owyhee hads 92 f 41.95n/116.10w
Wild Horse Reservoir coop 91 f 41.64n/115.80w

... Northeastern Nye County...
currant creek RAWS 98 f 38.77n/115.42w
Warm Springs Summit cemp 94 f 38.19n/116.42w
Seven Mile RAWS 92 f 39.07n/116.31w
Nyala GOES 102 f 38.25n/115.73w
pancake RAWS 101 f 38.30n/116.19w

... Humboldt County...
Red House siding upr 99 f 40.98n/117.38w
Winnemucca coop 99 f 40.94n/117.75w
Dry Canyon RAWS 98 f 41.44n/119.11w
Rose Creek ndot 98 f 40.89n/117.91w
Orovada dw6987 cwop 98 f 41.57n/117.78w
Rose Creek ndot 97 f 40.89n/117.91w
Winnemucca Lowry High School 97 f 40.97n/117.71w
Paradise Valley GOES 97 f 41.19n/117.66w
McDermitt coop 96 f 42.00n/117.72w
Kings River Valley coop 96 f 41.74n/118.23w
Golconda Summit ndot 95 f 40.92n/117.39w
ltl Humboldt rvr nr Paradise 94 f 41.42n/117.37w
Golconda Summit ndot 94 f 40.92n/117.39w
Tule siding upr 93 f 41.02n/117.58w
Rose Creek siding upr 93 f 40.92n/117.80w
Morey creek RAWS 92 f 41.45n/117.63w
Raglan siding upr 102 f 40.91n/117.93w
Denio coop 102 f 41.99n/118.63w
gaskell siding upr 100 f 40.93n/118.25w
Winnemucca Airport ASOS 100 f 40.90n/117.81w

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. Not all data listed are considered official.

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